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When Does Self-Care Turn into Self Indulgence?


Had my self-care without warning turned into a new addiction?

The Seriousness of Self-Care


Seriously, we need to take self-care seriously. 

Mediation is not Just for Divorce.


Wouldn’t it be great if we learned mediation techniques in premarital counseling?  Wouldn’t it be great if we taught our children how to self mediate?


A Successful Day in the Life of a Blended Family


Marla Polk writes from her personal experiences of her family growing, changing, and blending. Her's is a testimony to how a newly blended family does not have to be one of conflict and damage, but of acceptance and joy.

Why am I a Communications Coach?


I continually learn to live with constant change, conflict, and loss.  If I can do this while being civil and honest you can too. 

Empathetic Listening


"What I needed and received from my heroes was empathetic listening or listening with empathy."

Show How Much You Care - With Listening


The most important communication tool you have is listening. There are several actions you can take to engage in better listening skills.

How Long Do You Keep The Cat Dish Out?


Marla Polk writes from her personal history after the loss of her husband. She was blessed to have little conflict in her marriage and wants to help others heal their conflict and relationships through communication coaching and mediation before it is too late.  In times of grief, stress is increased and even loving families can end up fighting over many issues. 

In this blog Marla reflects on memories of her late husband and the joys and lessons learned from pet ownership 

Love Is (almost) Enough: Care and feeding of a Healthy Marriage


Here are some practical, proven ways to keep love healthy...

Confessions of a Brutally Honest Mediator: Holidays Separated


Blended families are messy, but that doesn’t mean the kids have to be passed around like fruitcake. 

Confessions of a Brutally Honest Communication Coach


I have a really hard job. All day, I listen to people who love each other very much tell each other in creative ways that they hate each other. It can be difficult to open up and bring a third party into your arguments.

Reinforcing What is Easily Forgotten


Many times when conflict arises between individuals a few key elements are forgotten.

Employees: The Bottom Line


A way to improve the health of corporate culture is to communicate, verbally and non-verbally, that employees matter.

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul


If you want to communicate on a deeper more intimate and genuine level try this exercise.

Show How Much You Care - With Conflict 2


Resolving conflict in a healthy lasting manner takes time and energy...most conflict is about perception.

Show how much you care - with conflict


Conflict does not always have to be negative. The key is to speak truth in love...



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