Resolution Solutions

Client Testimonials

What people are saying about our seminars/workshops:

-“Not only was the presentation enjoyable, it was a great refresher of information. I was able to gain a little deeper understanding of triggers/barriers for escalation, and tools/techniques to help people find resolution/calm.”

-“The interactive events by Tony kept audience engaged.”

-“It was all fabulous- wonderful visuals.”

-“Entertaining, interactive, practical.”    

-“All parts were beneficial to me, not only as a professional but parent, and grandparent, and friend.”

-“Favorite part was the 4 tools to use to work on resolution, very interesting and useful information.”

What people are saying about our services:

Brook J.: "Not too long ago I was in an unclear mental state as to how I felt about my marriage and husband. Although he did a much better job of hiding what he was thinking and feeling (just as unhealthy as my over-expressive manner), I think the feeling was mutual with Lance and we were hanging on by a thread. Every day I found something to be unhappy about, and every day Lance went into his shell. 

In steps Marla. Although we have many mutual friends through different church communities, I met one of my now dearest friends at the gym. The first day I met her, I knew I was supposed to be friends with her. 
I had heard that Marla specialized in conflict management, and I knew from her writings on Facebook just how deeply she loved her late husband, Randy. I asked Marla to visit with Lance and I. 

I expected that when we met with Marla that she would be on my side and let us know that Lance needed to change his behavior, help more, pay more attention....blah, blah, blah. Not so much the case. I have never met a more neutral person than Marla Polk. She brings a perspective to conflict like I have never seen before. She has an unusual ability to not only see both sides of every story, but a 360 degree view. She takes it all in. She sees EVERYTHING. I had never met anyone like her in my life. She is passionate about helping loved ones see life through the other's point of view, and she is anointed in this respect.

Needless to say, she helped me, and turns out, I was the one that needed help. I needed my perspective to include that of my loving, patient and kind husbands. I needed to see what he needed. Things are good. They're not perfect, but they are really, really good. If we have conflict (duh, we will always have conflict), we have tools and mindshifts to help us deal with it. 

If you're struggling, call her, but don't expect anything but loving honesty. She changed my life. 



Jim C.:

"I deeply appreciated the Trauma Informed Care Training that I received this past winter.  The training offered by Tony, Marla and Patty has equipped me to be a much more compassionate and non-judgmental listener to those whom I help at our ministry.  Rather than just referring them immediately to a counselor or crimes victim organization, I now feel equipped to first offer them some immediate care by mainly being a listening ear.


I shared the notes I took at this workshop with our receptionists and interviewers – all of whom are on the front lines interfacing with and ministering to our neighbors coming here for help.  We are all now better prepared to be that safe place to those coming here who have experienced some kind of trauma."

Sara C.: "Marla Kane Polk is one of the best people I know. Well done, Marla."


Phyllis M.: "That is Marla, she is loving."