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Peacekeeping Circle Dialogue

Peacekeeping Circles are a structured process used to bring people together to better understand one another, build and strengthen bonds and solve community problems. Talking circles and peacekeeping circles provide a way for people to have conversations and to work through conflict or differences in a safe and productive way. The talking and peacekeeping circle process is being used for decision making, problem solving and conflict resolution in schools, neighborhoods, workplace, family and the juvenile and criminal legal systems.

Our Communications Specialist Marla Polk is Peacekeeping Circle Dialogue trained and certified. Contact us for more information, to schedule, and for pricing. 

Mediation Sessions

Our team is specialized in the mediation process and we specialize in successful mediation. We cater our services to the needs and situation at hand. Our mediation sessions can be used for families, businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations to help resolve conflict and bring understanding in difficult circumstances.

Our team also has CPS Certified Mediators available.

Specialized Communication Training and Seminars

Our team takes our proven successful material and develops a fun, interactive, tailor made seminar or training session for your organization. We have had experience in developing communication training for schools, non-profits, survivor services, religious organizations, and businesses. We are able to customize our material to your industry. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Couples Communication Coaching

We are not therapists, but increase relationship effectiveness through comprehensive communication coaching one on one, in small groups, or through seminar sessions. We help prepare, improve, and save relationships with our communication tools and conflict resolution strategies. 

Whether it is marital issues, blended families, premarital training, grief processing, parenting, or just learning to communicate more effectively, our team is equipped to guide those involved to peaceful resolutions.