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Tony Barker
brings a wealth of "Real World" experience to Resolution Solutions.  A Black Belt who teaches Peace, a highly sought-after Entertainer (Live Music, Comedy, Radio) with experience in Management (Radio, Manufacturing, Martial Arts), Mr. Barker specializes in Transformational Thinking; school-to-workplace, employee-to-Leadership, Military-to-Civilian employment, and Conflict-to-Wellness.

His Speaking engagements are a fun, intense invitation to consider The Bigger Picture, balancing entertainment with serious, life-changing Substance.  Tony offers real-world (and sometimes hilarious) examples of being more valuable, rather than seeking a raise, and considering what's needed, as opposed to what you want to sell.

Emery Headshot

Emery Bost earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, with a certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Through her on the job experience in Guest Services for a non-profit and her internship in Human Resources for a major energy corporation, Emery has developed many business competencies, as well as the ability to relate to customers and employee’s needs. The management training program with Marriott International she was in furthered her knowledge of communication and breaking down barriers related to multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi-language issues. Her most recent job as an Aptitude Consultant with Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation equipped her with the ability to work with various age groups of clients as well as further her public speaking and presentation abilities.

Emery’s ability to cater to her audiences learning styles and personalities leads to an individual, genuine connection with those she is communicating with.

Wesley Polk Head Shot

Wesley Polk earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a Minor in Leadership Studies, from Texas A&M University.  In his role as Senior Counslor, and other Youth Leadership positions, Wesley has honed a speaking style that captures and retains the attention of energetic young people, and whether through his Internship at a national mission-critical service provider, or his current position at 1Stone solutions, his straightforward style has won the respect of customers and contractors alike.

Mentor and Leader throughout his college years, Wesley's communications training, experience, and faith has led to a natural and engaging presence that connects with an audience on a deep level.

Geoff Kane received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University and went on to pursue a Master of Education with an Emphasis in Diversity and Equity Issues in Education from the University of Illinois. A dedicated Social Justice Education Professional with more than 15 years of educational and professional leadership experience in developing interactive lesson plans, curriculum alignment, differentiated instruction, classroom design, and a focus on creating an open learning environment.  Kane excels at working with and teaching students to understand all aspects of social justice principles with an emphasis on diversity and equality.  Outstanding communicator recognized at the Gilbert School District High School Teacher of the Year for consistently going above and beyond in the position.